Total view Epos courses from 2014-2018

1- fMRI data analysis (T. Knapen & S. Scholte)
2- Academic presentation (E. van Leeuwen)
3- Eye tracking and pupillometry (R. Godijn)
4- Analyzing neural time series data (M.  Cohen)
5- Working Memory (C. Olivers & A. van Loon)

1- Electro-magnetic brain stimulation (D. van Campen)
2- Summer school: The predictive brain (H. Slagter & M. Meeter)
3- Online data acquisition (B. Bocanegra, J. Murre, S. Mathot, K. Olfers, J. Barnhoorn)
4- Career options after a PhD (C. Olivers, K. Böcker, B. Vlaskamp)
5- Writing a grant proposal (S. Nieuwenhuis & G. Band)

1- Model based neuroscience (J. Neumann, L. van Maanen, B. Forstmann, G. Hawkins, A.             Heathcote)
2- Connecting minds and sharing emotions through wires and neurons in man and animal        (M. Kret)
3-  Theory and practice of Bayesian hypothesis testing: A JASP workshop (E.J.                                  Wagenmakers)/ Graphic design (P. Tuinenburg, I. Sligte, V. Mekern, W. Kruijne)
4-  Autumn school: Attention (H. Slagter & A. Belopolsky)
5-  Analyzing neural time series data (M. Cohen)

1- Python (E. Dalmaijer)
2- NVP symposium: Psychophysiology on the road to traffic safety (G. Band, Z. Sjoerds, F.           Behrens)
3- Eye tracking (T. Knapen)
4- Writing a grant proposal (S. Nieuwenhuis & G. Band)
5- Autumn school: Consciousness, Free will and Metacontrol (Z. Sjoerds, R. Sellaro)

1- with Open Sesame EEG/MEG data analysis with Pyton (S. Mahot, J.    Sassenhagen)
2- Bayesian testing (R. Morey, E.J. Wagenmakers)
3- Multivariate pattern analyses (MVPA) in EEG/MEG (J. Fahrenfort)
4- Epos/Helmholtz Winterschool on inhibition (workhop 1 dag & 2 day symposium, by M.   Vink, M. Failing, D. van Moorselaar and L. Steenbergen)