Event schedule 2019


21-jan Ingrid Johnsrude t.b.a. Maastricht M-BIC Lectures
25-jan Holly Bridge Investigating the pathways underlying residual vision in hemianopia Utrecht Helmholtz Lectures
25-jan Tristan Bekinschtein Arousal fluctuations and cognitive control Amsterdam ABC lectures
28-jan Hartwig Siebner Brain networks and brain stimulation Maastricht M-BIC Lectures
11-feb Jessica Dubois Imaging brain development in infants Maastricht M-BIC Lectures
14-feb Yael Niv Carving the world into useful task representations Nijmegen Donders lectures
15-feb Matthew Longo Distorted body representation in healthy cognition Utrecht Helmholtz Lectures
8-Mar Francesca Happé Theory of Mind and autism: 30 years on Nijmegen Donders Lectures
11-Mar Nitzan Censor t.b.a. Maastricht M-BIC Lectures
15-Mar Andrew Whiten t.b.a. Leiden LIBC Colloquia
26-Mar Helen Mayberg t.b.a. Amsterdam ABC lectures
29-Mar Philippe Tobler Brain systems underpinning risk taking Amsterdam ABC lectures
10-apr Hugo Critchley t.b.a. Leiden LIBC Colloquia
14-May David Poeppel t.b.a. Amsterdam ABC lectures
6,7,12,13 and 14 of June Dennis Schutter and Jack van Honk Neurophilosophy of Mind and Consciousness Utrecht Helmholtz lectures
26-jun Ed Awh, Sebastian Schneegans and Rosanne Rademaker KNAW Master class: Current Issues in (Visual) Working Memory Amsterdam KNAW
27-jun Catherine Harmer How do antidepressant drugs work? Nijmegen Donders Lectures
27-sep Karel Svoboda t.b.a. Nijmegen Donders Lectures
24-Oct Marina Bedny Neurocognitive development: insights from studies of blindness Nijmegen Donders Lectures
14-nov Paul Taylor Unraveling pathogenic mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases Nijmegen Donders Lectures