2019 Epos Autumn School: 1-4 October: Deep learning in Psychology at the UVA

Faculty: UVA
H.Steven Scholte, Sander Bohte, Noor Seijdel, Lynn Sörensen, Jessica Loke, Juriaan Schreuder.
Speakers include:
Radek Cichy, Kate Storrs, Tim Kietzmann, Marcel van Gerven.

1 ECTS for Workshop participation

  • This year the EPOS graduate school meeting will focus on deep learning in psychology.
    In the first 3 days you will receive a theoretical background, and hands-on practical assignments in neural networks and more specifically convolutional and recurrent neural networks. Each day consists of two hours of lectures and discussion and five hours of lab and practical assignments.Topics that will be covered are; general concepts in AI and neural networks, training such networks with back-propagation, deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN) and recurrent neural networks (RNN). How these can be trained, how data-sets used for training influences performance, how to relate activity in artificial neural networks to neural data, and how to relate behavior of these networks to human behavior.
  • On the fourth, and final, day there will be a symposium with (international) experts in the field focusing on current developments in cognitive computational neuroscience and AI. Registration needed through link below. (max 78 so priority of date / time registration)

EPOS students can participate for free, other people can participate in the course after acceptance. The registration fee for non-EPOS members is 250 euro for the first three days and 50 euro for the symposium (lunch will be provided on all days).

Please click here for the paymentlink for non-members (pls do not forget to register see form link below)
Students will use Collab and Python for all assignments. Prior knowledge in python is required, or should be obtained before starting the course via material that will be provided.
Pls click on the following link for the program (second page): EposDeepLearningSummerSchool (3)

You can register for this course before the 1st of September using the link below: Course is full…