Epos 2019: 31 October and 1 November: Multilevel models for experimentalists at Leiden University

Please note that due to too few participants, we decided to cancel this workshop.

Multilevel models for experimentalists (3)

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A workshop in tidy R
Duration:  1.5 day
Date: Thursday October 31st all day, 9.00‐17.00 and
      Friday November 1, half a day, starting at 9.00‐13.00.
Location: University of Leiden (exact location will follow).
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Maximum participants: 20 PhD students
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Epos students: For Free. 
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About the docent: Dr. Martin Schmettow is an experienced researcher and university teacher in cognitive and applied Psychology. One of his main concerns is bringing modern statistical practices to students and researchers. He has given dozens of statistical workshops and is currently writing the book New statistics for the design researcher. A Bayesian workshop in tidy R (to be published by Springer).

Learning goals:
1. Being able to model repeated measures experiments and within‐subject designs.
2. Being able to interpret intercept and slope random effects.
3. Being able to interpret variation in populations.
4. Being able to assess uniformity of effects.

Work forms:
The workshop is organized in two supervised hackathlons.

Material and more information: please check the above internetlink.